RealRyder Bike Review

This review is an update and correction to our original.  Thank you to RealRyder for providing details for the correction.

For those who enjoy outdoor cycling and would like that similar experience with stationary bikes, the RealRyder indoor cycle may be that option.

They have taken the traditional and somewhat repetitive indoor cycling monotony and transformed it into a more realistic ride by giving the bike a swaying or rocking feature.   

Most riders are accustomed to the more traditional indoor cycling experience: riding on or off the saddle, adjusting the resistance, and finding the optimal cadence, all while riding a completely stationary bike with no movement other than the pedals.  


The bike sits on two pivot points which gives it its distinctive pivoting feature or what RealRyder refers to as its articulating frame, allowing the riders to rock side to side providing the rider with a real biking experience by simulating slow turns. 

On regular stationary bikes, you can typically throw your weight around but on the RealRyder, one has to maintain their balance during the ride which makes it more rigorous by engaging the muscles in your upper body and core.

The bike is incredibly durable.  With a weight of 227 lbs., it’s a heavy bike built for commercial use and can withstand riders up to 350 lbs. and with dimensions measuring 59″ L x 32″ W x 42″ H, it’s slightly longer than the average bike.

Another attractive feature of the RealRyder is the bike’s design.  Most stationary bikes have a front flywheel but the RealRyder has situated its whopping 66 lbs., polished flywheel and positioned it in the back.  The rear flywheel coupled with its sleek black frame and prominent, red tension knob gives it its sexy look.  The Keiser is probably the only other spin bike with an equally attractive design.

Given that RealRyders are used primarily in commercial settings, its flywheel is chain-driven, so you may find it to be slightly noisier than the belt-driven counterparts if you’re using it at home.  

Many RealRyder spin classes incorporate Spivi, a service that connects you to real-time classes.  Pair your bike with Spivi from home and you can stream live or recorded classes, all while getting real time stats on your performance.  There are other indoor cycling apps available that you can use and pair with your RealRyder that are equally effective.  You can read our review on the top 5. 

“A stationary bike is a pedaling machine and a bike is a riding machine…the RealRyder is a riding machine.” – Colin Irving, Co-Founder and CEO of RealRyder International LLC.

“A stationary bike is a pedaling machine and a bike is a riding machine…the RealRyder is a riding machine.” – Colin Irving, Co-Founder and CEO of RealRyder International LLC.

So, to recap on some of the important points:


Rocking Motion: Unlike other stationary bikes, the RealRyder has a unique rocking motion that gives the rider a realistic biking experience.  The user is able to turn the handlebars and lean giving a sensation of a low speed turn.  This provides the rider with a more effective and exciting ride. 

Core Exercise: The rocking motion on the RealRyder bike engages parts of the body regular stationary bikes neglect.  When you’re on a regular stationary bike, the only body part that is engaged are the legs.  Add the swaying motion and turning and your core is instantly activated along with your upper body.  Trying to maintain balance keeps your core engaged the entire time which makes it a more effective ride.

Durability: There is only one model, the ABF8 and it is of a commercial grade.  The steel frame is very sturdy and definitely built to last.  With a max capacity of 350 lbs., it’s one of the more durable bikes on the market.

Adjustable: There are plenty of adjustments to suit users of various sizes.  Both the saddle and handlebars have height and fore-aft adjustments that can accommodate most users.  The resistance is easily adjustable with the red tension knob that is prominently positioned before the handlebars. 

Gauge/Monitor:  Whenever you’re riding, you always want to monitor your performance.  The RealRyder comes with a small digital gauge that monitors the RPM, RPM average, your heart rate, percentage of max heart rate, heart rate average, Garmin ANT+ Link, training, distance, and KCal.

Rear Flywheel: Having the flywheel positioned in the rear is not only aesthetically appealing, it is also beneficial.  Since sweat can ruin a bike by accelerating corrosion, the rear placement of the flywheel prevents sweat from building up on the wheel.  


Price: The bike is expensive.  At $2095.00, there are other bikes you can opt for but none have the rocking motion.

Friction Resistance: We understand trying to simulate the whole biking experience but considering the amount of commercial use these bikes undergo, one would think magnetic resistance would be a better option.   


The warranty provided for the RealRyder is competitive.

Parts (5 years):

  • Headset Assembly
  • Rotational Pivot Bearings
  • Linkage Arms
  • Resistance Mechanism
  • Bottom Bracket Assembly
  • Brake Pads
  • Chain, Cranks
  • Flywheel
  • Handlebar Stem
  • Handlebar & Grips
  • Pedal Body and Axle
  • Seat Post
  • Tension Knob Assembly

Other (6 months):

  • Adjustment Knobs & Levers
  • Pedal Cleats
  • Pedal Straps
  • Saddle

Frame (7 years):

  • Frame, Structural Integrity