The Powertec name has established itself as a powerhouse in the home gym industry.  As the pioneers of plate loading machines, they have been building fitness equipment for home and light commercial use since 1997.  Powertec home gyms are reputed to be some of the most durable and dependable fitness machines around and continue to build solid strength training equipment.  Their machines provide fluid movements while providing equal amount of resistance throughout each movement and the added safety features allows use for beginners and advanced users alike. Pros:

  1. Equipment: Powertec home gym equipment are built very well and constructed to last.  Constructed with durable 12 gauge steel tubing with powder coated finish.
  2. Exercises: Their Multi Gyms provide a full body workout.  Each station provides the “free weight” resistance feel and targets each muscle group effectively.  You can do both compound and isolated exercises.
  3. Weight Capacity: Their equipment are capable of handling plenty of weight enough to satisfy advanced users.
  4. Dimensions: Some of their equipment like the Levergym is designed to conserve space while still allowing for a full body workout.


  1. Assembly: Depending on which equipment you purchase, expect to spend a few hours for the larger equipment.  Their Multi Gyms are not the easiest to assemble.  You will probably need the help of another person when assembling the Multi System.
  2. Customer Service: As much as we love their machines, their customer service doesn’t seem to have a stellar reputation which may turn any potential consumer away.

Conclusion: We love their equipment, especially their Levergym.  So much so that we would be willing to take a gamble on potentially running into the slight chance of getting faulty or damaged equipment and having to deal with their customer service.  Lucky for us though, we live in Los Angeles so we are close to their headquarters in Long Beach.



Powertec Home Gym Reviews:

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