For those looking for strength training, Bowflex is a popular option.  Established in 1986, they introduced their innovative “power rod” technology and quickly became a contending brand in home fitness.  To this day, Bowflex still remains a favorite among many and over the years they have expanded their collection of home exercise equipment to include their unique treadmill, a low impact trainer, the Revolution, and their popular Selectech Adjustable Dumbbells.

Bowflex Models

Bowflex developed two types of home gym equipment, the Bowflex and the Spiraflex.  The original Bowflex utilizes the power rods which is a series of flexible rods made of a mixed composite material.  They come in varying resistance levels or weight equivalent which flex during each rep.  The only downfall many see in this technology is that the tension increases as the rods flex further down instead of providing equal resistance throughout an entire repetition.

There are various Bowflex models but some of the later and more affordable ones have been discontinued.  You can still purchase them through secondary outlets, however.


Out of the two models, our recommendation would be to purchase their “Revolution” which spiraflexuses the spiraflex resistance plates.  Unlike the Power Rods, these plates look like regular round weights but inside, there are elastic straps that rotate around the center providing constant resistance throughout your entire range of motion.

Like all fitness machines however, there are some downfalls so we’ve provided a short list of pros and cons:


  1. 6 week money back guarantee
  2. Excellent for strength training.
  3. Financing available.
  4. Very compact for a machine that delivers many routines.



  1. The rods must be maintained to prevent the loss of elasticity.
  2. Pricey.
  3. Still doesn’t beat free weights.

When using Bowflex, we especially enjoyed the chest exercises.  The fly and press effectively target the muscle groups in the chest and you can really feel the workout barely after the first repetition.  Even with other exercises, there is constant and equal resistance from the beginning to end.  If you’re aiming for definition then this home gym will definitely do it.

Overall, we have to say Bowflex is a solid home gym. Although we prefer free weights, this machine definitely delivers a fantastic workout.  It targets the intended muscle groups and it’s very easy to make the transition into another workout routine.  That coupled with it’s compact design makes Bowflex an easy contender among home gyms.

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