You can’t sleep.

So you turn on the TV and start flipping through the channels and inevitably find yourself watching an infomercial featuring Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris endorsing Total Gym.

They swear on its effectiveness but truth be told and we’ll probably get some haters for this … but they probably could’ve picked someone else other than Chuck Norris to represent the product.

We all love Chuck with his great martial art abilities and his show, Walker, Texas Ranger but do we really see him as an embodiment of fitness?

Who knows, maybe their just targeting an older generation.

Anyhow, if and when you try this machine, one of two things are certain to happen, it will change your perception of products sold through infomercials or it may make you recant any negative opinions you had about Total Gym.

Although, you shouldn’t anticipate on getting “swole”, this machine will definitely help you lose weight, get trim and toned, and help you build strength.

How it Works:

No weights to change …

No need to move to another station …

The machine is an “inclined plane body weight training device”.

A bench is attached and glides up and down a couple of rails and utilizes cables and pulleys for upper body routines.

Your body weight becomes your resistance, and the level of resistance is determined by the elevation of the bench.

Obviously, the higher the bench is raised the more of your body weight you end up using.  So, if you’re a bit on the heavier side, you may want to take it easy.

There’s an optional footplate used for leg support and exercises.  Why it’s an option raises some questions, especially with its price tag.  With this sort of machine, it should have been included.

At the time of this review, there were 3 primary home gym models:

Total Gym XLS – $799.60

  • 6 Levels of Resistance
  • Over 80 exercises on 1 home gym
  • 400 lb user weight capacity
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Includes Total Gym Workout tools and DVDs

Total Gym FIT – $1,406.94

  • 12 Levels of Resistance
  • (that’s 2X other home models!)
  • Auto-lock Height Adjustment System
  • Best-selling Total Gym AbCrunch Accessory & Workout DVD included
  • Updated 2-piece Wing Attachment for wider range of motion
  • New Ergonomic Glideboard with Comfort System
  • Includes Extended 2-Year Warranty & Priority Processing
  • Complete 6 DVD Total Gym Workout Library & Workout Tools

Total Gym GTS – $3,795.00

  • 22 Levels of Resistance – delivering the ultimate in workout versatility!
  • FREE 3-Grip Pull-up Bar Included! (a $189 value!)
  • Adjustable Commercial-grade Squat Stand, LAT Bar with 6 Pulley Locator Positions and more!
  • Hydraulic rail lift assists with level changes & easy two-step folding.
  • Automatic rail locks allow for explosive plyometric jumping.
  • Over 200 exercises
  • FREE Workout DVD and Illustrated Exercise Reference Chart