Marcy 150 lb. Stack Home Gym Review

by | May 24, 2021 | Selectorized Machines, Strength Training

Update: The prices for these machines have increased over $100 since the pandemic.

The 150 lb. Stacked Home Gyms are the smallest in Macy’s selectorized machine lineup.

You’ll find three separate home gym systems within that weight class that all share the same design and virtually the same exercises.  The 4965 is the pricier of the three and the 990 is a newer version of the 988 so for all intents and purposes, we’ll be referring to the 990 when referring to the 988 and 990 models.

These compact gyms are perfect for those with limited space and especially with areas with low ceilings.  The 990 and the 4965 have an assembled footprint of 68” x 36” x 79” and 72”x38”x78” respectively.



The 990 is a newer model of the 988 with no discernible differences other than the color and model number.  There are a couple of other models designed specifically for certain retailers but they have the exact same specs with minor differences in the trim.

The 4965 is supposed to be the  “higher-end” version of the three.  The only significant improvements are to the seat and back padding which are slightly thicker.  They excluded the preacher curl attachment for this model for whatever reason and frankly, we find it very disappointing that they chose to do that.  We don’t understand the logic behind this, especially when this model seeks a higher price and is supposed to be the higher end within its class.  But someone at Impex must have thought mid-level pulley, abdominal strap, and the single handle would make up for it or be an even exchange.  Some may be able to overlook that but in our opinion, this was a terrible decision.

Unfortunately, you’re still not able to increase the max weight of 150 lbs. but some users are known to stack an additional five or ten-pound weight to circumvent the weight cap.  The added weight won’t do any damage to the cables provided the increase is limited to 10 or 15 pounds.  Any significant weight that is added runs the risk of shortening the life of the cables and stretching them so be cautious with how much you add.


The frame is constructed with 14 gauge powder-coated steel.  With 150 lb. of stacked weights, the 14 gauge is more than durable enough to outlast most users.


Unfortunately, one of the main drawbacks of Marcy Home Gyms is its frame warranty.  The frame warranties in other fitness companies like Body-Solid reflect confidence in their manufacturing but Marcy provides an underwhelming two years.  That may leave you to question its durability but don’t let that deter you from considering the home gym equipment within this price range, however.  These particular home gyms are built solid and short of getting damaged during delivery, its frame and welding will probably outlast you.


Each model shares the same accessories with a couple of exceptions.

The 990 comes with the following accessories:

  • Lat bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Weight stack lock
  • Preacher curl pad

The 4965 comes with the following:

  • Lat bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Abdominal strap
  • Single handle
  • Weight stack lock

Workout/Pulley Stations

The cable and pulley system is well designed and allows you to glide through each exercise.  The movements are smooth and fluid with no drawbacks or jerky movements.  We do, however, recommend you spray the pulleys with silicone lubricant once you finish assembly.  

Each gym model shares the same workout stations including an upper and lower pulley system.  The 4965 model even gives you a third, mid-pulley.  These particular stations allow you to get creative and perform countless routines.  

With all of the included accessories, a user can perform well over 30 strength training exercises.  

Press Station

(Found on the 988, 990, and 4965)

Starting with the most prominent feature, the press arms are virtually the same on all three machines.  They are designed to offer both chest presses and flys with the simple removal and/or placement of a couple of pins.  

Upper Pulley

(Found on the 988, 990, and 4965)

The upper pulley system gives you a lot of options and since the unit comes with a lat pulldown bar you can get a little creative.  Aside from pull-downs, you can do other back exercises like standing pulldowns, reverse grip, wide grip, close grip, triceps, etc.., 

Mid Pulley

(Found on the 4965)

For those who ponied up for the 4965, you’ll certainly benefit from the mid-level pulley.  Target your abs by doing crunches with the abdominal strap that comes included or attach the single handle and do some mid-level rows or trunk rotations.  Again, just be creative.

Lower Pulley

(Found on the 988, 990, and 4965)

Since the curl bar doesn’t come included, you can attach the lat bar to the low pulley station and use it for curls with or without the preacher curl attachment.  Sit, stand, do whatever’s comfortable for you.  You’re not just limited to curls.  You can also perform rows (both seated and upright).  An ankle strap that comes included can be used for leg abductions and other similar leg exercises.  Depending on how much weight you’re lifting but you want to make sure to step on the frame when performing stand-up curls or upright rows to prevent the unit from lifting off the ground.

Leg Station

(Found on the 988, 990, and 4965)

Can’t really get creative here.  The leg station limits you to both leg curls and extensions only.  The pivot points, however, are well-positioned to make each movement comfortable without any unnecessary added stress. 


Compact: Marcy’s 150 lb. Stack Gym comes in a very compact design.  This is especially helpful for those with low ceilings.  

Good Workouts: The machine is well suited for beginner and novice users looking for total body workouts, strength training, and toning.  This is the perfect machine for those who are starting out.

Durable:  The gym is constructed from 14 gauge steel with a powder-coated finish.

Affordable: The price point on this fitness equipment makes it very attractive.  It’s one of the more affordable home gyms within its weight class.


Lack of Weight: It may not have enough weight resistance.  It may be suitable for some but many may surpass this weight limit fairly quickly.  You can’t add weights like other selectorized machines.

Weight Stacks: At the time of this review, the weight stacks appear to be vinyl-covered cement which is inferior to cast iron. 

No Adjustment for the Seat or Leg Extension: This is a problem.  Particularly for tall people.  If you’re tall, your feet will hit the floor every time.  A big misstep on their part in our opinion. 


Overall, Marcy’s 150 lb. class of home gyms are a good, affordable solution for those just looking to tone and do a little strength training.  Some exercises are even well suited for those who require some physical therapy.  Its durability and lightweight make this home gym a pretty good buy.